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Keegan Allen Addresses Sexuality: ‘Placing a label on anybody is a disservice’

Make note of this, darlings: Pretty Little Liars and King Cobra star Keegan Allen isn’t trying to fit into anyone’s little boxes when it comes to sexuality.

First off, let us warn you: the actor’s latest role is nothing like Toby Cavanaugh- in fact, we’re pretty sure Spencer Hastings would pass out if she saw his newest film, King Cobra (but of course, in real life Troian Bellisario has been nothing but supportive of her fellow PLL cast member). Keegs plays a gay porn star named Harlow in the movie, which features an impressive ensemble of talented thespians including James Franco, Alicia Silverstone, Molly Ringwald and more recognizable faces, and let’s just say things get wild and sinister rather quickly.

Of course, considering the project’s focus on the adult film industry, the topic of sexuality is bound to come up when discussing it. Keegan’s good friend James Franco has previously stated that he doesn’t believe in defining his sexuality, as did his PLL co-star Shay Mitchell. So where does the blue-eyed actor stand on this matter? Well, it should come as no surprise that Keegan, who’s as open-minded and thoughtful as a person can be, agrees with them both, and refuses to examine such a broad and fluid concept under a single lens.

“I think it’s really interesting what James has done in the past, even with his book that he wrote, his poetry book, where it’s a conversation with himself, his homosexual self and his straight self,” Keegan exclusively told our Alloy Entertainment team, when we asked him how he feels about society’s tendency to place people into neat little categories. “But I think placing a label on anybody especially in this day and age is a disservice to a person or to an entity or to a soul or a being because we’re always ebbing and flowing and creating new things especially as an artist. I think a label can pigeonhole somebody in a way that’s not necessary to place labels. I think labels are placed because people are not able to think outside the box.”

In a world that’s filled with unique people with their own unique desires and preferences, James’, Shay’s, and Keegan’s views are all centered on love, tolerance, and acceptance- and at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all should want for ourselves and one another?

What are your thoughts on Keegan’s statement about sexuality? Do you agree or disagree with him? Let’s have a (respectful) discussion in the comments!