Emily Fields

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Emily is dedicated. Dedicated to swimming, to her parents, and to her unrequited loves—some of them girl crushes. She’s also a little superstitious, which helps her cling to the hope that . . . if the next car that drives by is red, Ali is still alive!

Emily’s strawberry blond hair is tinted green from the chlorine in the pool, and her dorky “Swim Chick” t-shirts are the height of Fields fashion. Ali definitely questioned Em’s style, but she knew Emily would pounce on anyone who threatened her. That’s why Ali nicknamed her “Killer.” (Too bad it wasn’t enough, Em.)

Distinctive feature: Broad swimmer’s shoulders

Known for: Swimming, loyalty, naivete, and falling in love too easily

Favorite things: Corny t-shirts and the friendship bracelet Ali gave her

Biggest regret: Not having been there when Ali was in danger

Worst offense: Lying to herself